Andy Odarky, a contestant and finalist of the maiden edition of the singing reality show Mentor, has labelled Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win of being unlettered and a thief.

Odarky in an interview with Prime Page TV made it clear that accusing actor Lil Win of being truly selfish and caring about no one else but his own career and fame.

He further stated that the actor had deprived himself of positive thoughts and only spoke with greed and arrogance as though the world was his.

Furthermore exposing the ‘true’ nature of the Kwadwo Nkansah, Andy added that LilWin stole one of the songs he had written and made it his own.

“Kojo’s main issue is illiteracy. Because he does not know how to read or write, he asked me to write the song so we could sing it together. His illiteracy also affects his way of thinking, because it’s obvious he does not think before he talks.

“You made me write a song for you, and I told you the exact words you should say in the song.We were supposed to bring the song out together because according to LilWin, he wanted to sign me. I am the composer, writer and singer of the song Ayeyi. Writing has never been difficult for me, so when he asked, I didn’t hesitate. And we sang the song that day in the studio. Since then whenever I bring up the issue of the contract, he evades the subject, to the extent that he refuses to pick my calls, behaving as though he is smarter than everyone else.  Meanwhile, we had already shot the video for that song. The main agreement was that the song should have been released officially after the signing of the contract. The next thing I realized was that he had released the song the next year as ‘Ayeyi featuring Andy’. How is the song yours if we never signed any contract in the first place?” Andy claimed

Andy also added that not only is LilWin a chronic thief, but he is also a very treacherous and evil man who has tried to bring down the careers of others because he sees himself as a boss.

“LilWin has condemned a lot of people he has worked with. People such as Young Chorus, Odishiba, amongst others have been brought down by the hands of this same man. He tried to do the same to the hit singer of ‘One Corner’ Patapaa but failed. A thief will always be a thief no matter where he goes to steal. I know he has done this to a lot of people. But he also knows that he cannot do such a thing to me because I came into this industry before he did.” Andy added

Asked of his next line of action, the TV3 Mentor star revealed that he has decided to take the actor Kojo Nkansah LilWin to court and has already taken steps by handing over the entire issue to his legal team.

He mentions that although the song has already been released, there are damages that the actor will have to correct since he has stolen his voice and his lyrics and is making money and fame out of it.

“Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am the composer and writer of the song yet the song is not mine. Therefore Copywriters need to determine who exactly the song is for. I am also a member of GHAMRO. Thus if it is determined that the song is owned by the composer and writer, then Kojo will have to spit back all the money he has made of the song since he released it, because YouTube is paying him, and he cannot sell my image without my go ahead.”