I recently saw this hash tag on a celebrity’s instagram account and I decided to try my hands on what the term generally suggests. Oh boy! Do I actually regret it or not? I honestly I’m yet to sort those feelings out.

So I did some digging and found out that although it is not common, Shoot Your Shot actually means seizing the opportunity as a female to grab what you want before another female does. Yeah, I guess it’s safe to say that the era where ladies have to sit and wait until a man decides to gather some courage and ask a sister out is gradually yet somewhat rapidly fading away.

I for one, believing myself to be a true feminist: I’ve always thought that there is nothing wrong in a lady approaching a man, especially asking him out on a date. Well… despite my strong beliefs, I had never actually approached or spoken to any man until recently, mainly because I never really had that much interest in any man to that extent. And although I definitely do not need one, in my defense, I just wanted to test the theory for myself. I mean I should definitely practice what I preach.

Hence as I was saying, I finally did approach a man, call it a cowards way out but I definitely wasn’t going to approach one in person, hell no. I went through social media, instagram to be precise, and I decided to shoot my shot. Before you judge though, just wait a minute and cut me some slack. It was my first time, surely a shordie got to take things slowly, baby steps…

I saw this guy on a friend’s status, and I was smitten. It wasn’t so much about who he was or his extremely good looks, not to mention his height and sexy dimples, but it was something about his voice. I was drawn to the strength of his voice. It has this very hoax yet deep feel to it. Like a military man issuing orders but also like that’ Kwabena Kwabena’ type of voice… If you get what I mean; silky, soft, sexy. Extremely and totally drawn, I asked my friend for his number which I got, but for some reason, texting him on WhatsApp or calling him on phone felt too personal. I needed a more available and less personal platform, instagram was perfect. After a little searching, I got his instagram handle. First I went through his timeline. Laughed at some funny stuff on his page and drooled over some very manly pictures of him. I decided to follow him. Then it occurred to me that I’d look too desperate. I unfollowed him. After a few hours of absent minded contemplations, I slided into his dm in a slick style.

“Hi… new stalker alert!” He replied after an hour or two, and oh, how I kept checking my phone every three minutes errrhhh…. It was crazy. But I got my reply though “hahahahahaha, hello.” I remember smiling for a full minute after reading his reply and thinking what a nice person he is. However I was lost for words because I had no idea of what else to say. He made it abit easy though. I noticed his interest was peeked enough because he sent me a follow request on instagram.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was going smoothly until it became awkward. Totally my fault though, I just wanted to prove a theory. And besides, I am fully aware that nothing serious or important can be established from the dreamy huskiness of a strange man’s voice. In Pluto maybe, certainly not Ghana.

The most important thing and valid point is I Shot My Shot! And I am absolutely okay with my findings. Truth is a few other ladies have tried it and it has worked for them. 85% of those women are now married to those men and are extremely happy with their new lives. It is not a dream to be noticed by that cute guy you can’t stop starring at. It’s time to move past that tiny smile you pass along with your crush. Gather the courage woman! Fix your hair, look your best, get yourself a very sweet perfume and ask him out. Nothing fancy, just for drinks on your first date. Better still you can do it my way; baby steps, send him that message on instagram, twitter, whatsApp. I mean what is the use of social media if not for creating self made opportunities. And if you get scared, always remind yourself how beautiful, smart and awesome you are. What’s the worst that can happen anyway? He’s might say no. well, keep Shooting You Shot and the right person is definitely going to say yes!