The Europe Business Awards (EBA) on April 12, will honour top 20 African CEOs at the Institute of Directors, London.

The event dubbed ‘The Top 100 Achievements Forum -2019’, is a unique platform for the identification and promotion of the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders for their effective professional activity.

The purpose of the Forum is also to stimulate competitiveness and expansion of international contacts of participants, create an international register of leading regional companies and organisations.

The event will engage over 50 speakers from 40 countries.

The Institute of Directors has long been recognized as an influential and respected membership organization in the UK. With more than 100 years success, the Institute is measured by members who are some of the most skilled and experienced business leaders  in the country and abroad, representing the full business spectrum, from start-up entrepreneurs to directors in the public sector and CEOs of multinational organizations.

In December 2018, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur Dr. William Anarfi Sarpong, popularly called Dr. WASK was appointed the EBA Ambassador to Ghana and the West Africa.

The EBA is a multinational research and analytical center of image technologies, PR projects and international cooperation programmes in various spheres of human activity.

As part of his ambassadorial duties, Dr. WASK is to identify top 100 companies and managers in Ghana and West Africa that have impeccable business reputation.

Dr. WASK explained that the awarding ceremony for participants of the project ‘Top-100 Achievements 2019’,  will be a public presentation of their success, and the premium level  of the event and its representativeness will serve as an unprecedented tool for PR communications.

The Achievements Awards serves to recognise reward and honour excellence across business and economy, science and education, medicine and healthcare, management of cities & territories, culture and art.

The awards also supports, promotes and develops the best regional companies, institutions and personalities in different activity spheres by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring to continually raise the standards of their product and service offering.

“Being among the winners is recognition of excellence and gives you a tangible edge over your business competitors”, Dr. WASK added.

The forum gives a lot of communication and presentation opportunities to its participants.

Its mission is to focus on business networking, development, and investment promotion by providing a multicultural platform for club members to expand business; consolidate their efforts for improved integration across emerging markets, and the introduction of national brands globally.