Akosua Agyepong has reacted to her failed marriage to highlife artiste Amandzeba Nat Brew after ten years of being together.

In an interview with Delay, Ms Agyapong said she has not regretted divorcing him.

She dismissed Amandzeba’s claim that his failure to call his wife for 10 days, whilst on a trip to the United States of America caused his 10-year-old marriage to hit the rocks were false.

She explained that there is no way she could break up with the father of all four of her kids for the mere reason of not contacting each other for ten days.

“We were married for over 10 years and had four children and you think I would easily call for a divorce because I didn’t hear from him in 10 days? Then it means I am a mean person. Even though I haven’t regretted leaving him I would only say the marriage didn’t go well for us,” Ms Agyapong said.

According to her, the marriage ended because it did not go well for both sides as husband and wife and that is the reason they decided to part ways.

“All I can say is the marriage didn’t go well on his side and it didn’t go well on my side either. That’s all.” Akosua Agyepong added

Amandzeba and Akosua were married for 15 years and were blessed with four kids.