There is increasing concerns over security at the heart of Ghana’s power generation enclave in Tema following an attempted arson attack on a gas pipeline.

Some unknown persons attempted burning pipelines belonging to Cirrus Oil services on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

The latest attack becomes the second in two weeks after pylons belonging to the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) was hacked down.

Speaking to journalists after visiting the site where the firebombers had wanted to carry out their operations, Head of Security for GRIDCo, Major Lawrence Appiah (Rtd) said the recurrent breaches will demand more stringent approaches to be employed to deal with the challenge.

He said had it not been the vigilance of GRIDCo’s security guards, the entire country would have been plunged into total darkness if the firebombers whom he described as nation wreckers had succeeded with their operations.

“Our security guards saw them and gave our soldiers head-up so they chased them and they run away. They had already lit the fire trying to burn the fuel lines on the ground to cause a possible explosion in the enclave. The VRA which is very close here has a fire tender that drove in quickly to make sure that the fire was coiled”, he noted.

He cautioned that should the perpetrator decide to carry on their nefarious activities against the country, they would be left with no option that to engage in shoot to kill exercise and will spare no one when sited near such facilities.

“We just want to tell those who don’t want the good of Ghana to be very careful and firm on what they intend to do because we are ready because we have the soldiers and of course, I am a soldier and I know we have rules of engagement, but we will not hesitate to arrest anybody but to shoot to kill because Ghana must succeed. If they had succeeded in causing explosion in the enclave that was going to affect every economic activity in Ghana because everything is driven by this power we are all trying to protect”, he warned.