The Gaming Commission of Ghana has introduced measures to discourage teeming Ghanaian youth from getting addicted to betting.

The involvement of the youth in the rapid proliferation of betting centres across the country appears to have attracted the attention of the Ghanaian society, with many worried that young people are becoming addicted to betting rather than going to school to develop themselves.

This is due to the desire of the youth to make money quick but many have questioned how bright the future of the youth will be as gambling presents many negative social impacts with some students squandering school fees to gamble, leading to delinquency among students.

But the Compliance Manager of the Gaming Commission of Ghana, Patrick Kwakye believes the new measure will check this craze among the youth.

“If you bet you’re in a computer you spend about GHC20.00 or two hours, we’ve authorized all the sports betting companies for your account to be frozen automatically, you can’t bet anymore. So this one is controlled, the timing you can spend on a betting platform so this one will reduce the number of chances people will get addicted to the betting companies so that if you are betting and you are online for two hours your account will be frozen or you’ll get a notification that you’re going so much so that you can stop what you’re doing.”