Wedding as we know it have been a ceremony since millennia that is celebrated to publicly announce the union of a man and woman in holy matrimony. Some people have enjoyed the display of various cultures through traditional weddings while others prefer the privacy and quiet of a court wedding. Most people, however, enjoy the noise and attention that comes with the white wedding.

Years have passed indeed and the world have tremendously involved. Not just language but technology, music, food, even clothes. And a remarkable change in cloth is the wedding gown. Before, it was the old types of white cloth sown in a long shapeless form.

Then came the white ball gowns with the big puffs around the shoulder and arms. As years went by, both Designers and brides to be evolved with the times and next, the white long veils with white hand gloves followed shortly. The revolution of wedding gowns had begun.

The biggest reformation of bridal gowns can be seen in this twenty-first century with not only the bride but the groom to be going gaga with extravagant and exotic ideas taking the world of wedding celebrations by storm. Food, venue and reception despite playing a major role in church weddings do not come close to the need for the bride to be to look her very best.

It is more than safe to say directly that modern brides have gone through a rapid period of liberation by making very verbal and visual statements in their wedding gowns. The puff-sleeved wedding gowns have been replaced with ‘no hands’ wedding gowns. Although some brides still prefer very long wedding veils, others prefer a simple white flowered made heart to match with their gowns.

Modern gowns have been improved with materials such as satin, lace, crepe, organdy, taffeta, chiffon, silk, amongst others. Brides have been liberated to the extent that the gown which was supposed to cover the body have been sown in very exotic ways with brides showing certain aspects of their bodies for their special day.

Since the husbands to be especially have no issues what so ever with these new styles and everybody else seems to be going with the flow, this new style of designer gowns might just come to stay permanently. I believe however that a more loud and strong style would soon come to overtake the current ones.

Modern designers are surely stepping outside of their comfort zones and are providing brides to be with the best gowns to help make their very important day extra special.

As a young upcoming lady, how would you want your wedding gown to look? Husbands to be, How would you want your future wives to look like on your special day? A more fully bodied gown to bring out her the curves and cover the most important parts? Or a very illustrative one full of attractive statements?