The National Labour Commission(NLC) has invited the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana(MoWAG) for further deliberations ahead of an intended strike by the group.

“…if they have any problem, if they are not happy, if there are delays they should come back to us so that we find an equitable solution to the whole issue, Andrew Asamoah, Chairman of the NLC told Accra-based Citi FM.

However, the NLC says it cannot be blamed for the setbacks frustrating the negotiations at this level.

“We met with the Mortuary Association, we looked into their grievances and we agreed that the first part was their emolument, their salary levels. So we called in the Fair Wages and the agreement was that they go with the Fair Wages and sort out that portion. When they finish,then things about clothing, allowance and other things that they needed,we look into it.  So i don’t know what has happened with them and Fair Wages, but as far as we are concerned, we’ve been working with them; we’ve had no problems with them.

A few days ago, the mortuary Workers threatened to launch another industrial action over the government’s failure to review their salaries and conditions of service.

If the workers carry out their threat, it will be their third nationwide strike in less than twelve months.

During the group’s most recent strike action in February, the NLC referred the negotiations to the Fair Wages and Salary Commission(FWSC) but the group contends their demands have still not been met.