The Bureau of Public Safety(BPS) is demanding the immediate reclassification of the Accra-Tema Motorway into a Highway with modifications for Traffic Lights and Zebra crossings.

This follows a survey conducted by the Bureau of Public Safety between January 20th and
March 3lst of 2019 on the Kwame Nkrumah Motorway, which reveals severe infractions of Road Traffic Regulations.

In a letter dated 14th April, 2019 addressed to the Sector Minister and a copy sighted by asked the Ministry to also Redefine with immediate effect the buffer zone along the motorway and maintain same by removing or relocating all encroachers; be it State or private facility.

In addition the BPS further asked authorities to provide police patrol services to enforce traffic regulations on speeding and traffic obstructions in addition to escort/security services for broken down vehicles.

Per statistics, according to the BPS since 2017, transportation related incidents continue to
be the highest contributor of deaths, compared to all public safety events, averaging about
7 deaths per day along the 19 kilometer express route