A former deputy general secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress party, Koku Anyidoho has said the party’s position of not engaging fair-weather celebrities and splinter groups in the upcoming general elections ahead of 2020.

This decision he explained has been necessitated by the post–mortem Kwesi Botchway report which stipulated the reasons for the NDC’s woeful loss in 2016. A major reason for the NDC’s lost was their refusal to operate within the party structures allowing for the influx of celebrities and various splinter groups to man the campaign at the neglect of party structures and people.

“In that report, it is stated categorically that the major reason why we lost woefully and miserably is because we refused to operate within the party structures. And the structures are simple. Thus we have the national office, we have the regional offices, and we have constituency offices and then the branch offices,” he stated.

Koku Anyidoho reiterated that despite the NDC party’s love for celebrities in the creative space for their music and movies, the party is bent on operating by the party structures just like any other organization even in the creative industry. He has therefore entreated the celebrities to join the various branches and constituencies.

Speaking on Starr Fm’s Saturday entertainment show, Morning Zoo with the host Kojo Preko Dankwa, Mr. Anyidoho exclaimed that the party will not again tolerate the fair-weather celebrities and splinter groups, at the neglect of party structures.

He questioned why party people will suffer throughout the years and suddenly in an election year, these splinter groups and celebrities emerge to take over the affairs of party campaigns.

Again, responding to the claims that most celebrities do not engage in mainstream politics because of their jobs and brands but find it necessary to boldly declare their support for the flag-bearer and not for the political party on which the flag-bearer represents, the former general secretary exclaims;

“So as for an election year, it is ok for them to jump onto the stage but in the three (3) preceding the election year, they will not be seen. So as for the election year, they should come and be at the forefront, is that not it? Who should be at the back?” he quizzed.

“The candidate is not an independent candidate for goodness sake. The candidate is a candidate for a political party. And so, that political party has structures. That political party has a message. That political party has a philosophy, so please don’t come and tell me you support the candidate. The candidate was put forward by a political party. So if you come in support of the candidate, you must also believe in the philosophy of the political party otherwise, there is some serious incongruity. You don’t support the political party but you support the candidate. So ‘taflatse’ (God forbid), if that candidate is no longer there, then you spit on the political party, is that not it. So you’re the fair-weather friend, depending who is the flag-bearer, then you come on board, depending who is not the flag-bearer, you’re somewhere else. Please! Please, we don’t want fair-weather friends,” he stressed.

The former deputy scribe of the NDC, Mr. Anyidoho furthermore stated a revealing trend whenever a political party uses celebrities to front their campaign.

“The history is clear. In 2008, the NDC embarked on door-to-door, house-to-house, village-to-village, market-to-market, church room to church room. It was Nana Akufo-Addo who was doing the celebrity campaigns, the beach parties and all the things that happened, did he win an election? So if 2016 we adopt same strategy and we didn’t win an election there is a trend. There is a trend. And we are saying yes, we love and respect them but it is obvious when they lead campaigns, hmmm, the results are different. So let them go and join the branches,” he opined

The NDC as part of their reorganization effort had a National Cadres conference in Koforidua last week. As part of the conference, Koku Anyidoho said the party will not leave its campaign in the hands of “strangers” again.

He said the NDC lost the 2016 election because over a million supporters of the party did not vote due to apathy because of how the campaign was conducted.