“Lateness is a disease and I hate lateness” Late Kwesi Amissah-Arthur. I have followed your extraordinary works as a leader.

You valued time in terms of Quality and not Quantity. Maya Angelou emphasizes the ripple effect that is created by the death of a great person.

Angelou suggests that the deep hurt that we feel when losing a loved one is a testament to the brilliance of that individual’s life. While grief may hurt, it is an important indicator that the loved one made a difference and positively impacted the lives of others.
The poem suggests that the time of grief is extremely difficult, but that “after a period peace blooms.” As we move through the grief journey, we come to accept the reality of the death and are able to recall the memories of the deceased to motivate us as we continue to find meaning in our lives. Rest well Papa Kwesi. Almost a year on I have learned to celebrate you and never to mourn again because God knows best.

Happy Birthday once again Sir.  Bessie Anderson Stanley analyzes the true meaning of success. Success is not embodied in a person who chased after shallow achievements such as popularity or material wealth, but rather by a person who “laughed often, and loved much,” and “left the world better than he found it.

On your Birthday I still remember what the Paramount chief Of Bongo Traditional Area said about  you .”Bon Naba Baba Salifu Aleemyarum said. ‘unlike most politicians noted for apologizing for attending programmes late. Your Excellency Kwesi Amissah -Arthurs commitment to time is Exemplary. He said punctuality is a sign of Progress. So other politicians must Emulate you. I will forever miss your leadership, wise counsel, camaraderie and peacebuilding efforts. May the Good Lord your family, FUTA,  friends, and associates the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. And may the good Lord grant your soul eternal repose. As a Vice President then you indicated to resolve to make a personal example in your timeous attendance at functions as we mark this day I call on all to emulate and practice time management.

A time-conscious population cannot be taken for granted if a country seeks to sustain and enhance accelerated growth. In many advanced societies, time is of the essence and the citizenry value it in all that they do. I will continue to spread your message of time CONSCIOUSNESS any day I get the opportunity.

BY: Maxwell Okamafo Addo