“I believe that if I’d continued going to church, it would have made me more of a hypocrite and a bad person. There is so much pretence in the house of God which takes away your direct relationship with God. A lot of people go to church because others are going,” Rex Omar exclaimed.

According to the highlife musician Rex Owusu Marfo, known in showbiz as Rex Omar, the last time he stepped foot in a church was in 1997.

He no longer goes to church because his body is the temple of God and God lives in him which he is content with. He believes that going to church will rather take away his direct relationship with God.

“My last time in church was in 1997. I no longer go to church because my body is the temple of God. God lives in me. So I have a direct relationship with God. So that is enough for me,” he said.

Rex Omar who is also the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) in an interview on Delay TV added that most Christians are worshipping a God they don’t know.

Most of them he believes are not even after worshipping God but chasing after miracles. They take only what the pastors tell them without reading the Bible for understanding.

He further took a dive into the Bible saying it is full of unanswered questions. These questions seem like a taboo when asked which makes the believer narrow-minded in their thinking.

He believes God has not created humans to be silent and not to ask questions. God wants His people to have knowledge of Him.

“…and there are so many questions, unanswered questions even with the Bible. The church makes you a narrow-minded in your thinking. So many questions when asked, it’s like a taboo.

Simple question; from Jesus Christ’s twelve (12) years to His thirtieth (30) year when He started His ministry; eighteen (18) years of Jesus Christ life is not in the Bible. When you ask the pastors, they tell you the Bible is silent about it. God doesn’t want us to be silent. He wants us to know. He is in us,” he added.

The songwriter who professed himself as a Christian Yogi believes that brings him closer to God because God is far bigger than we think He is unlike the Christian faith which is limiting.

“God is too big in me to be limited.

“I have trained my children to be open-minded. In my house is a democracy. You decide what you want to do. People must be allowed to discover themselves and their God. It gives him the confidence to express himself. My wife was attending Apostolic when I married her. It got to a point she decided to go to Jehovah Witness. Fine! You go to your Jehovah Witness, don’t push me because I will not push you,” he explained.


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