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The Ghana Immigration Service is profiling about 400 immigrants from neighboring Burkina Faso who entered Ghana through Sissala East over the weekend.

The Burkinabes claim they came to Ghana as they were being pursued by a terrorist group in their home country. They are currently being housed by the Sissala East Municipal Assembly.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Karim Nyau in an interview said the decision to clasify them as asylum seekers or refugees will be taken after the profiling.

“Currently the Immigration is there profiling them, there’s been instruction that they should go and register them. We’ll know the number and possibly we’ll take the next step, their real intention is to do farming. According to them, they are farmers in where they are coming from but because there’s no peace in that area they cannot settle there and do farming.

He added: “The decision for them to stay will come from above, you know it has to do with international issues it is not about Sissala East Municipality.”