Former first Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Stephen Ntim has extended well wishes to the party delegates and aspirants in the upcoming regional elections in the six new regions.

He said “as we have expressed our appreciation to His Excellency the President for his vision of creating these new regions to ensure equitable distribution of the national cake, it also behoves on us as a party, that our base is further strengthened and united for victory 2020 and beyond in these regions.”

In a statement, Mr Ntim said “it is therefore crucial that the right people are elected at this juncture to run the affairs of the party effectively at the regional levels. Let us therefore vote in these elections with only one goal in mind “Victory 2020 and beyond.”

He added: “With this in mind, we must also be guided by the principles of our tradition and allow peace and tranquillity to reign throughout the contest.”