Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa has appealed to President Akufo Addo to publicly make a decisive statement on the current security situation in the country, saying his earlier a little over one minute comment on the issue of kidnappings was woefully inadequate.

According to him, it is important that the President does not relegate such an important exercise to his appointees as his word carries more weight.

Ghana has been hit with a series of kidnappings in recent times with the latest being the abduction of two female Canadian Volunteers in Kumasi last week whose whereabouts is yet to be established.

About a month ago, an Indian Businessman was kidnapped in Kumasi, while a Consular of Estonia was also kidnapped while on jogging at Labone in Accra.

The three Takoradi missing girls, Ruth Quayson has been kidnapped for over six months, Priscilla Mantsebea Koranchie for more than five months, while the 17th of August would mark exactly one year Priscilla Blessing Bentum, was also kidnapped. They are yet to be found.

Speaking to Kasapa News, Mr Adam Bonaa who’s the CEO of Security Warehouse Ltd said it is important that the President being the Chairman of the National Security Council makes a statement on current criminal happenings in the country to allay the fears of the citizenry and foreign investors.

“I’m using your medium to appeal to the President directly to speak to security matters in the country and shouldn’t relegate security matters to those he has appointed. He was the one we voted for so he should speak and assure by outlining the measures he’s put in place to deal with the increasing crime rate in the country. Anybody can speak but I don’t see how that carries weight.

“If the President coughs everybody hears it all over the world and so I’m expecting that the President should cough when it comes to security matters and say that this is what we’re going to do and what he’ll say should be what will give us hope and confidence as a people. Like him saying that I’m devoting probably $50 million in the next whatever to be able to check some of these incidents, we’re going to recruit maybe 1000 more BNI officers, recruit 2000 National Security officers, etc this is what I’m expecting. By so doing if a criminal intends to strike he’ll know that the President has spoken and has put in more resources so he has to be careful. The way we’re handling the current situation is bad.”