To the man unknown to many, it was very easy to speak to him and I remember he sat in the middle of the house, and many people from Nzema came to my daddy to have a chat with him

This man has a magnet which attracts and connects him to everyone around him.

During the Gold Coast era, he established a business which flourished, giving hope to the unemployed in society.

We heard of a man who was managing a million Dollar business. He signed business deals with the Americans, British and raised the bar as the first African businessman to do exploit.

In private life, daddy was a wonderful man. He publicly tagged with negative issues as the con man, these and that but there was no public image better than the man.

As June 30 [27 years] marks the commemoration of Dr. John AckahBlay – Miezah’s exit to eternity, his daughter Natacha Ackah Blay – Miezah is well pleased with life her dad lived bringing hope to the less privilege in society.

I know we will one day meet on the journey of life and our tears will turn into joy.

Your children and entire family say

Rest in peace

Damirifa Dua

Da DoƐ

Wo yƐ he edjorle

And I dedicate Onipa Awieye as his forever Anniversary song.