This year’s Ghana meets Naija concert was fertile grounds for some unexpected Zooty choices if ever there were any.

Patapaa eclipsed the concert wearing the concept but was it a little bit too much? He wore a jersey customized with his name and the number 9 behind with matching goggles which looked similar to a frog eye and erm, braided hair as usual.

What confounded the audience was the handkerchief he tied on both hands, we still don’t know what it signifies and was the two bikers hand cloves, also representing a musical footballer, goalkeeper or a motor rider?

Patapaa got us really confused, playing all these roles in one day. We would advise he gets a professional stylist, just to twist his fashion sense, taste, and preferences a little.

We could really tell he understood the concept. (Truthfully, we all saw it to hilarious).

BY: Evelyn Kweki Quaynor