Researchers at the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department afre challenging Parliament to prove how a survey on the performance of Legislators incites the public against them.

The Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Oquaye, has slammed the Political Science department of the University of Ghana after they released a poll ranking performance of MPs.

According to the Speaker, the poll is seeking to incite electorates against lawmakers.

The poll published on Monday stated over 186 MPs are likely to lose their seats.

The Survey had 42.6% of the respondents ready to retain their lawmakers with 7.9% of the respondents still undecided.

Commenting on the matter in parliament Prof. Mike Oquaye accused the pollsters of inciting the electorates against Members of Parliament which is likely to affect quality and performance of MPs in discharging their constitutional mandate.

“Let’s becareful not to delight in MP bashing…I want to say authoritatively that these honourable members who have been in this House this term, have passed more bills than any other parliament in the history of this country, it is a verifiable fact.”

But the Lead Reseacher Dr. Isaac Owusu Mensah in an interview said any MP who has issues with their methodology should point it out.

“Can all the Members of Paraliament be bold enough to say that since they won their election they’ve gone to every community that voted for them since the 2016 elections. If they want to contest the processes fine but let me also say that people of Ghana pay me Dr. Isaac Owusu Mensah to teach political research methodolgy. I am prepared to face any Member of Parliament who wants to come and challenge me on the methodology because that is where I earn my living.”