Steadfast Limited, an engineering company specializing in a wide range of services, is set to inaugurate the first ever stud bolts & nuts and specialized fasteners company in Ghana.

Players in the engineering sector expected to benefit from this varied range of customer applications include those in the oil & gas, power generation, construction, mining, marine engineering and food processing industries.

When inaugurated, Steadfast Rigworld will be the first-ever company in Ghana to manufacture fasteners and other piping material needed for the oil and gas industry, cutting down incredibly on the long wait times to have piping tasks completed offshore.

The establishment of the first-ever bolts and nuts company in the West Africa will help stimulate the Ghanaian economy with regards to job creation and opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth, enable Ghanaians to participate actively in the oil and gas industry as stated in the country’s Local Content and Local Participation Act, 2013 (L.I. 2204) as well as a basis for government to raise revenue to fund its activities.

“Steadfast Limited will become the industry leader in coating of stud bolts in Africa. At Steadfast Rigworld, we are devoted to helping you improve your business and ideally positioned to provide quality service to all our clients using our new coating technologies and our state-of-the-art PTFE Coating plant. We develop and apply high-grade surface coating for the industries we serve.

Our coating combinations are designed for specific applications to optimize corrosion protection and resistance to wear especially for subsea applications. We provide turnkey solutions to customers for their requirement of fasteners which are used in many projects all over Ghana and Africa. We manufacture bolts and nuts of almost all international grades like DIN, ASTM, ANSI, BS and ISO,”. a statement from the company said.

Steadfast Limited is a subsidiary of Rigworld Solutions which is a member of the Rigworld Group.

It is an indigenous Ghanaian company and a hundred percent (100%) engineering entity specializing in a wide range of engineering services and manufacturing of stud bolts & nuts, threaded bars, fasteners, washers, gaskets and specialized engineering equipment to the petrochemical, mining, structural engineering, automobile and fabrication industries.
The company’s ISO accredited wider product manufacturing range includes Spectacle Blinds, Spade- Spacers and Flanges in collaboration with its United Kingdom (UK) partners Marla Group.

It is also a leading distributor of pipe, Tube, pipe fittings and miscellaneous piping items. Steadfast Limited pays special attention to its manufacturing by ensuring that it is above the industry and provide speedy delivery of fasteners at the shortest delivery periods.