Information gathered by suggests that the arrest of three editors of online news outlet, ModernGhana by National Security Operatives has nothing to with the Minister of National Security, Hon. Albert Kan-Dapaah.

A group of men introducing themselves as National Security operatives on Thursday raided the office of ModernGhana and arrested three of the staff.

Editor-In-Chief William Nana Beeko believes the raid was carried out after a publication was made about the National security minister Albert Kan Dapaah and New Patriotic Party MP Afenyo-Markin.

Beeko said laptops belonging to the online media outfit were seized in the course of the raid and the whereabouts of his colleagues remain unknown.

But sources from National Security tell this website that the arrest has absolutely nothing to do with any story published by the portal.

Instead, the staff were picked up upon a tip-off that a group has been engaged in some cybercrime activities targetted at other corporate Organisations.

According to the sources, initial investigations prove that the attacks are targetted at other media houses and that the suspects are affiliated with

The modus operandi our sources say has been to hack into the emails and servers of popular competing websites and newsrooms and intercept emails and stories being filed by correspondents for their own use.

Other hacks include the hacking of financial account information of competitors especially between correspondents, sources and stringers.

Investigations are still underway.