When I wrote about the Honourable Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency Mr. Bryan Acheampong that he must be honoured for his immense contributions towards development in the area, some people read meanings into it.

I don’t know how they took the UG report when he ranked 3rd best MP in the country and 1st in Eastern Region.

In my article Bryan Bryan Acheampong must be honoured: he is a workaholic MP which was published on kasapafmonline.com and starrfm.com.gh, I stated categorically that

“Some politicians normally give excuses to their constituents of not having received their MPs common fund when they (constituents) need infrastructure development urgently.

Sometimes they expect their constituents to praise them when they establish few projects with their common fund.

In the absence of MPs common fund, residents usually lack better school building, quality water supply, roads, electrification project, jobs and other social interventions.

Some MPs play no important role in the lives of their constituents after they are elected to champion the constituency.”

Now, Following the UG report and other issues surrounding the role of MPs, the public has been told the responsibility of a Member of Parliament does not include development but I ask if the MP organizes quiz competition to enhance the level of education should he not be commended?

So between the MP who is able to bring new ideas and the other MP who could not have such idea but sat idle without any proper measures to address certain problems, who would always be remembered?

If you hardly understand whatever I write about the former MP for Afram Plains South in this article you have every right to visit the area to authenticate.

Politicians can no longer take our vote and fail to involve themselves in developing the community, they have a role to play and this is one of the main reasons why I am confident that delegates will never fail to endorse Mr Joseph Appiah Boateng as their parliamentary candidate ahead of 2020 election.

Afram Plains South constituency is known as one of the deprived areas that lack developmental projects.

The residents say the former MP Mr Joseph Appiah Boateng contributed a lot to available projects.

Speaking to some residents, comparing him to all who have served as MP, he stands tall.

Below are the projects executed by Hon JAB1
1. Akatsi a 3unit classroom
2. Bonkro a 3unit classroom
3. Gyaneboafo a 3unit classroom with office and store
4. Kwaekese a 3unit classroom
5. Dunkro a 3unit classroom with office and store
6. Krobo Zongo a 3unit classroom
7. Krobo new Kwaekese a 6unit classroom with ancillary facilities
8. Krobo new Kwaekese a KG bloo with ancillary facilities
9. Odumasua a KG block with anxillary facilities
10. Forifori a 6unit classroom with ancillary facilities
11. Dedeso a 3unit classroom
12. Foso a 3unit classroom with office and store
13. Domeabra a KG block with ancillary facilities
14. Kwablakwaw a 3unit classroom with office and store
15. Adzidekope a 6unit classroom block
16. Akamakope a CHPs compound with ancillary facilities
17. Kabukope a 3unit classroom with office and store
18. Koranteng a CHPs compound
19. Koranteng Nurses quarters
20. Iddrisu Akura a 3unit classroom
21. Bondaso school
22. Ekye Anglican a 3unit classroom
23. Abotchere a 3unit classroom
24. Maafekope a 3unit classroom with office and store
25. Gadorkope a 3unit classroom
26. Trebu a 6unit classroom with ancillary facilities
27. Samankwae a 3unit classroom
28. Dotorpong a 3unit classroom

Electrification under JAB1
1. Asanyansu
2. Fosu
3. Koranteng
4. Kwasi Kumar
5. Bebuso

Light extension under JAB1
1. Tease
2. Forifori
3. Ekye
4. Boakye
5. Krobo
6. Kwasi Fante

Durbar Grounds under JAB1
1. Koranteng durbar Grounds
2. Samanhyia durbar Grounds
3. Tease durbar Grounds

Social interventions
1. Drilling and rehabilitation of 27 boreholes eg 3 at koranteng, Nyamebekyere, Gyaneboafo, Krobo Zongo etc
2. 250 mattresses,200 basins(bowls),200 blankets,200 buckets, 400 plates,400 cups, and 400 bowls to St Fidelis,
3. Donated 15 spraying machines, and 10 corn mill machines to communities,
4. Donated 450 bicycles, 27 motorbikes to all branches for party work
5. Donated 300 plastic chairs, 100 packets of roofing sheets, 3000 bags of cement to communities,
6. Donated 10 tricycles eg some given to health centres,
7. Donated 100 pieces of mats to three Muslim communities eg Ekye, Tease, Krobo
8. Donated to the expansion of Tease clinic
9. Donated sound systems to Donkorkrom and Tease party offices
10. Donated materials wealth of 8000 to Donkorkrom Asikesu clinic
11. Donated a 3500-gallon capacity poly tank to Somusei community
12. Donated 500 solar lights to island communities

Humanitarian support
1. Assisted 27 nurses trainees
2. Assisted 52 brilliant but needy students in various SHS and tertiaries

Other interventions
1. Lobbied for the district assembly grader, 20 cubic tipper, and a pilodda,
2. Construction of a six-seater KVIP for Odumasua ( konkomba line)
3. Construction of 8 seater KVIP for Atonsu community
4. A urinal for Sakabo community
5. Renovation of Forifori and Kwasi primary schools.

Following what they have experienced, almost everyone I spoke to wish he return to his seat to continue the good work he has been doing.

Some were so eager to see the return of Joseph Appiah Boateng whiles others decided not to cast vote should delegates fail to endorse him saying we want overwhelming endorsement as part of honoring his good work.

I write Delegates will never disappoint disappoints Former MP for Afram Plains South Joseph Appiah Boateng reason being that, the people in the area are calling for his return due to his immense contributions towards development in the area.

Thank you.

Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor (K-Lover)
Journalist Nkawkaw (Kwahu) E/R
email: kojoeben@yahoo.com