Security Analyst Adam Bonaa says Ghanaians must commend rather than condemn the two police officers who have resigned from their jobs to do active politics.

According to him, instead of taking up arms to overthrow a government, the move by the two policemen is the way to go for any serving officer in the Military or Police who wants to take part in the governance of this country.

Detective Corporal John Evans Ayerakwa-Kumordzi is set to contest the NDC parliamentary primary in the Okere constituency in the Eastern region.

The Police officer was with the Akuapem-Akropong District Command before tendering in his resignation.

According to him, his resignation was approved by the IGP in February, in accordance with the Police Service Act.

This comes after another police officer, Superintendent Peter Lanchene Tuubo left the job to contest in the NDC primaries.

Superintendent Tuubo, who served as Executive Secretary to the IGP, quit his job to contest in the Wa West constituency.

Their action has been condemned by some members of the public including the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior, Collins Owusu Amankwah, saying it is a dent on the image of the Police Service.

But Adam Bonaa who’s CEO of Security Warehouse Ltd in an interview with Akwasi Nsiah on Kasapa News said any security officer who has the intention of going into politics to help build Ghana must be encouraged to resign as the constitution directs rather than use illegal means to achieve his aim.

“The beauty of getting people in the Military and Police Service resigning to do politics is that now it is has become not profitable for those in the military to pick up arms and take over the country. Remember that the 1966 coup against Nkrumah was undertaken by a joint Military and the Police officers. So we should be celebrating and saying that today if a military or Police officer feels like he wants to take part in the governance of this country the arms that we’ve given him he can’t use to destabilize the country but resign from active military or police service and go and campaign for himself to be elected to implement the good ideas he wants. For me, it speaks volumes of how entrenched our democracy is and so let’s look at it from the positive point of view.”