Private Legal Practitioner, Dr. Maurice Ampaw has described the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) as the most useless institution in Ghana.

According to him, CHRAJ has done nothing productive since its establishment in the early 90s and only been spending the country’s resources with nothing to show for it.

Dr. Ampaw in an interview on Neat FM digressed to speak about CHRAJ while commenting on the notice served by the Special Prosecutor, Martin ABK Amidu that he may be compelled to sue the State through the Attorney General following the distractions by some heads of public institutions in corruption-related cases.

“Over the years has done thing productive in this country. They’ve just been spending state resources from 1992 till now with nothing to show. Today the office has been turned into a political tool. If your case is brought before CHRAJ, the officers first look at which political party you’re affiliated with.

“I was the one who led Henry Lartey to go to CHRAJ and petition against Ex-President Rawlings in the famous Abacha case. They told us there’s no evidence and so we should go home and we’ll hear from them later. President Mahama was in power at the time but Uptill now we’ve not heard from them. When NPP Chairman Freddy Blay’s issue came up, this same CHRAJ Commissioner is moving Heaven and earth and has dragged him to court. CHRAJ is being selective in applying the law on human rights issues. They always complain we don’t have the resources, we don’t have the lawyers but they are still there.” Dr. Ampaw stated.