It is unfortunate that ‘Beast of no Nation’ star, Emmanuel Adom Quaye, better known as ‘Strika’, has accused his handlers of his account duping him.

I have followed and carefully read online posts about the young actor ‘aggressively’ requesting to have access to his investment account at Barclays because he believes he has attained the legal age requirement to own an account with any bank.

In some cases, Parents and guardians are allowed to hand over an investment account to a child when he or she turns 18 years or above and with proof that the child CAN be trusted to manage the investment wisely.

The question is; can Emmanuel Adom Quaye also known as Strika be able to put the investment into good use without misappropriating and later resort to begging on the streets as claimed by many.

On several occasions, managers of the young actor, Mawuko Kuadzi and Kobina Sam have reacted to the claims that caretakers of Strika, have been irresponsible towards helping the boy to discover his career as an actor.

Mawuko disclosed in an interview that, Strika born Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye is the cause of his own predicament.

He added that Strika was sent to school in Cape-Coast but he keeps running away from campus without seeking permission from the school’s authorities.

Other sources claimed that the ‘Beast of no Nation’ actor wanted to learn an apprenticeship [Metal fabrication] but all effort to help him gain the skills in metal fabrication has been unsuccessful.

The young chap who is mostly seen carrying loads at market places and also begging on the streets of Accra to survive has a lot do to reshape his life.

Strika’s bid to hastily get access to his investment account at Barclays Bank is been supported by some personalities in the media, family and friends and this decision will be disastrous to his acting career.

The handler of Strika’s investment account, Kofi Robert was invited to the Central Police Station in Accra and ordered to hand over the account and its transactions to date.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2019, the handler closed the account he held in trust for ‘Strika’ and handed over an amount of ¢40,093.22 to ‘Strika’ in the presence of his family at the Accra Region Police Command.

Reacting to the development, Robert said he was shocked by the claims and actions of Strika against him.

According to him, he feels relieved after handing over the account explaining he had no intention of squandering Strika’s money.

The young actor’s future might be bleak if guardians hand over his investment account and his acting career into his own destiny.

I can confidently say Strika is ignorant about what will happen if not guided on what to do.

In as much as handlers of his account can hand over his investment to him, I will suggest he should be monitored with ‘eagle eyes’ regarding how he manages it so that guardians will not be blamed for recklessly squandering his own investment cash in future.

Strika’s destiny can be reshaped to earn the prestige he desires if he gives a second thought to his decision of handling his own affairs.