Parliament has passed the University for Business and Integrated Development Studies bill, 2018.

The bill seeks to transform the existing Campus of UDS in Wa to a fully-fledged University. The Wa and Navorongo campuses of University of Development Studies (UDS) were recently made autonomous through an Executive Instrument.

There were some contentions between the Majority and the Minority MPs in the House in relation to the  controversial proposal to change the name for the University.

The Wa campus, in the Upper West Region, which was formerly called the University of Business and Integrated Development Studies has been renamed ‘Simon Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies’

The bill was passed late Thursday evening through voice voting, however Minority MPs, abstained.

They’d threatened to stage a walk out when the bill was introduced insisting the introduction of the bill has been done “through the back door.”


S.D Dombo

Simon Diedong Dombo (1925–1998) was a Ghanaian politician, teacher and king. He was a Member of Parliament and the Parliamentary Leader during the first Republic of Ghana. As the Douri-Na,[1] he was reputed to be the first educated chieftain in the Upper Region of Ghana. He was one of the founders of the Northern People’s Party. This later merged with the United Party. During the Second Republic, he was a member of the ruling Progress Party. He was Minister for Health and then Minister for Interior in the Busia government.

He was banned from holding elected office by the Supreme Military Council prior to the 1979 elections.