Actress Yvonne Nelson has disclosed that a popular telecommunication company dropped her after an agreement was reached for her to run an advertisement because she was pregnant.

The actress shared her ordeal with the Telecommunication company to commiserate with the female MP in Kenya, Zuleikha Hassan, who was sacked from the chamber after walking into the chamber with a five-month-old baby.

According to Yvonne Nelson, it unfortunate how society treats mothers making them feel less of a human being.

She narrated how she was hurt when was just about three months away from delivering her baby.

Ms Nelson said the situation nearly broke her down but pushed on to become a good mother.

Several women have shared their opinions on what it’s really like to balance work and family life as a mother.

She wrote:

“I’ll tell you mine, a telecommunication company dropped me because i came clean and told them i was pregnant, they wanted me to shoot an ad, told them i had 3 months more to go and assured them I could come to work right after!

“Guess what, the lady who called didn’t even say congrats she said ‘sorry yvonne, the dynamics will change’ i was hurt! I was broken! All these and more made me stronger!! IM PROUD TO BE A MOTHER!!!! Best decision ever! I will forever WIN!!!!! #proudmum #woman.”