Winner of 2011 Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah has admitted that most beauty pageants organized in Ghana have digressed from their objectives.

The Manager of Angel TV told Kasapa Entertainment host, Eddy Ray, most organizers of these beauty pageants have not lived up to expectation.

The Ghanaian representative for Miss United Continent Ghana explained that every beauty pageants should unearth talents of contestants and organizers should also make it their priority to engage the young ladies.

“It is in the right direction if people are losing interest in beauty pageants because most at times when the pageant is over, organizers do not engage the contestants.

Most pageants have good plans for their contestants but others leave participants to their fate.

Most of these contestants who partake in beauty pageants have other potentials which can be unearthed through getting them the right links.”

She encouraged stakeholders not to lose hope completely in all beauty pageants because she has been able to use her two pageants to groom young ladies to positively impact society.

“If most winners of these beauty pageants have succeeded in their field of endeavours, it will give hope to parents to also encourage their young ladies to also partake in such pageants.

It has now become a societal perception that most beauty pageant contestants are pimped to rich men. Others regard beauty pageant contestants as ‘Ashawo’ which isn’t right for other beauty pageant organizers doing the needful.

Personally, I have helped ladies who took part in pageants I’ve organized.” Akua Amoakowaa Mensah told Eddy Ray

The grand finale of the Miss United Continent Ghana is scheduled for August 17, 2019.