Politically, there are unique dynamics that heavily decide the Parliamentary fortunes of every Constituency.

Competency, longevity of stay, tribal and religious background and demographic originality are among other factors that contribute to the gains of a candidate in a Parliamentary election.

A party’s success in many constituencies is Primarily driven by how tactful the delegates are in Placing their bet on a candidate who meets the metrics of the local dynamics.

For the NPP in the Asutifi South, the party has overtime stumbled in fielding a candidate who reflects in the dynamics that deliver the seat for the NPP.

A bit of historical antecedents. The NPP kingmakers of the Asutifi Constituency have invariably fielded candidates with Akan background since the dawn of constitutional democracy in our country except 1992. It is noteworthy that the NPP steered clear of the 1992 parliamentary elections on the grounds of evidential malpractice.

The parliamentary candidates presented by the party are; Joseph Kofi Kakari(1996),
Prof Gyan Amoah(2000) who passed on before the elections and the wife, Cecilia Djan Amoah, later took his stead, Thomas Broni( 2004), I, Yiadom Boakye Boateng contested on the ticket of the NPP in 2008 and 2012 and madam Cecilia Djan Amoah came in 2016.

The party in 2000 was able to wiggle its way through Parliament by unseating for the first time Collins Dauda, the NDC MP who has rooted his influence in the Constituency. The 2000 Parliamentary victory largely emanated from sympathy as a result of the death of Prof Kofi Amoah who was replaced by his wife as mentioned above.

Given that the Asutifi South Constituency is predominantly populated by Northern folks, Akan candidates of the NPP have always been a walkover for Collins Dawuda who is of Northern extract. The time is set and ripe more than ever for the New Patriotic Party to surrender their choice to test a Northern candidate.

Ali Suraj is one heavyweight of the New Patriotic Party who has emerged in the Constituency to put himself forward to contest the parliamentary Primaries of the NPP. He has an unassailable record as a pioneer of the NPP Nasara Wing in the Diaspora, Former NPP USA Deputy Organiser and he was the 2nd runner up when he contested the National Nasara Coordinator of the NPP.

He is youthful with the verve and commitment and paramountly he is of Northern extract which suffices well enough for him to end the Parliamentary drought of the NPP in the Constituency.

The reason propounded is most loud and critical for the kingmakers to, for once give not only a candidate of northern background the chance to lead the Party at the Constituency level but someone who can also galvanize Votes for the NPP and march Collins Dauda boot for boot, hence capturing the seat for the Party. The time is now to give the NPP a chance again to win the seat in the Asutifi South Constituency through the ever-vibrant Ali Suraj.

Yiadom Boakye-Boateng
Former PC, 2008/2012