Our attention has been drawn to a publication on Ghanaweb recently captioned ”

We wish to state categorically that these groups “United Patriots and Freedom News Network” does not exist and such research was never conducted and state that there is no iota of truth in that publication. This is another fabricated lie by NDC and their surrogates to create disaffection amongst the rank and file of the grassroots and the mentioned appointees.

There have been a series of false allegations against some persons mentioned in the publication which we believe is born out of mischief and pure hatred.

For those who do not know, we will cite a few names mentioned in the publication and speak about to buttress our point.


Mr. Agyinsam has always been very receptive and on hand to assist anybody who comes to him in the best possible way he can. He has personally worked hard for the benefit of the grassroots including given scholarships to which members of ESMA are proud beneficiaries. He has always maintained an open-door policy and is one person who has found a perfect blend of working hard and attending to the needs of people, and does that with joy. People have attested to the fact that assessing him is as easier as assessing a receptionist so we cannot fathom why such malicious publication would be made to include him

2. Nii Lantei Bannerman – Chairman, National Premix Committee

The strangest part is that, the man is constantly receiving people at his office due to his position as the chair to the premix committee . as a matter of fact being the Chair to the premix committee means you are constantly dealing with grassroot people on a daily basis and testimonies of his good relationship with the grassroots are abounds

3. Albert Kan Dapaah – Minister for national security

Considering where he operates from at the blue gate which has stringent security measures makes it even difficult to go there however for anyone who has managed to go through to see him has always had positive stuff to say about the sort of reception they received, consequently it makes it bizarre to label him the most arrogant and selfish appointee

Mohammed Adjei Sowah- Accra Mayor

Funny enough the Accra Mayor’s office has always been flooded by people across who visit to get their problems resolved one way or the other. Truth is he has always received people with open arms and respect

Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson – Minister for special Development and Initiatives

Due to her being an MP, the kind of support she has rendered to the grassroots and particularly her constituents is mind-blowing. She has always had an open-door policy to everyone who call on her

Adjenim Boateng Adjei Chief Executive, Ghana Revenue Authority ( Public Procurement Authority)

since these were conceived out of mischief and hate, they couldn’t even get their facts right, what further weakens their point and strengthens ours is the fact AB Adjei is or was not and had never been the man in charge at GRA but rather PPA. This is clearly fabrications seeking to malign and create a rift within the NPP

Kwame Owusu – Board Chair, Ghana Revenue Authority

The man has barely taken his position as the Board chair yet he is being accused of being arrogant and selfish, this is a clear indication of how some people love to hate this man. Even his time at the Ghana Maritime Authority, this man was open to everyone who visited him and did so with respect


The man had always had carefree to receiving everyone and attending to their requests. This he does religiously until recently when it was discovered that some NDC guys impersonated to defraud him and the ring leader for that was one Nana Tawiah whom upon investigations was arrested by the police, this however, has still not stopped the man from receiving grassroots with an open arm

We strongly believe beyond all reasonable doubt that that piece of publication on Ghanaweb was a carefully, calculated attempt to distract these people from the good services they are rendering to mother Ghana by some faceless groups whose existence cannot be traced and to place on record no such research was ever done

Hence that publication should be treated with contempt that it deserves


Raymond Kumah(Okyeman)

Bannasco Ansah

Razak Asante