The vacation judge sitting at the Commercial Divison of the Accra High Court has ordered lawyer of Groupe Ndoum to properly serve the new owner of GN Savings and Loans.

The court also directed the applicants to correct their suit which was directed at Eric Nana Nipa, the reciver to read GN Savings and Loans in Receivership.

Justice George Koomson said it was improper for the applicants to sue the director of the receivership but rather it should be in the name of the company.

Justice Koomson also asked the applicants to properly served the receiver when it emerged that, one Maxwell Nketia, a secretary who works with Groupe Ndoum was instaed served rather than the receiver.

Lawyer Philip Addison, representing the receiver told the court that the said Maxwell Nketia a secretary who works with Groupe Ndoum has nothing to do with the receiver.

The court however granted to the applicant to correct the description of the receiver (GN Savings and Loans in receivership) instead of Eric nana Nipa.

Case adjoirned to Sept 24.