Indigenous car maker, Kantanka is likely to manufacture electric cars by the end of this year.

Chief Executive Officer Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Junior told host Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday, the move is intended to prove to the world that Kantanka brand is very fit in the highly competitive market.

Mr. Safo disclosed the company is set to expand its footprints in other parts of the world with a new office in Dubai.

“By the end of this year, Kantanka will build electric cars that could travel between Accra to Kumasi before recharge. We intend to do that before this year ends.

” Our company is fast growing and currently we have another headquarters at Dubai and the challenge there is healthy for us because they understand luxury and that is good for us,” he said.

Kantanka Automobile Company Limited is a subsidiary of the Kantanka Group of Companies founded by Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, the founder and leader of Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana.

The company was later incorporated as a limited liability company in 2001 with the main objective to research into the manufacturing of automotive components and their combination with other parts outsourced from component suppliers to form a complete built unit.

Kantanka vehicles are assembled in Ghana from CKD (Complete Knock Down) kits supplied by a Chinese firm, possible Foday through Chongqing Big Science & Technology.