Monday’s heavy downpour has left the Accra-Tema Motorway inundated with large volumes of stagnant water.

The flooded nature of the expressway has left motorists driving on the Tema to Accra stretch of the road stuck in gridlock.

Several motorists are surprised about the development wondering what has caused the flooding.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) is predicting more rains as the country is in the minor rainy season.

The agency said the volume of rain being experienced across the country in recent times may appear to be abnormal however it is not out of place to experience heavier rains in the minor season compared to what is recorded in the major raining season.

Head of Forecasting at Ghana Meteorology Agency, Mr. Joseph Poturphy has in an interview said the Agency is collating the rainfall data to determine if the rains being experienced currently are unusual.

He stressed that the public needs to be mindful of the daily forecast issued by the Meteo Agency before stepping out to avoid any inconvenience.

“Whatever is happening now may be strange but it is not too strange because currently, we are in the minor seasons and sometimes more prominently more than the major season. We will collate all the data and see how the minor season has fared against the major rainy season. For the rain, it will go into the early part of November.”

Parts of the country have experienced heavy rains within the last few weeks with some areas getting flooded.

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