File photo, some persons invoking curses by a riverside

The Jaman North National Democratic Congress(NDC) Constituency executives say they will never reverse the curse they’ve invoked on their political opponents for peddling falsehood against the party.

The NDC party says it resorted to the ‘spiritual court’ for justice after some of its opponents told the residents that the NDC has purposed to stifle development in the area and has written a letter telling contractors not to construct Jaman North roads, lest the NDC loses the upcoming 2020 elections.

They’ve asked the dreaded gods of the area to deal ruthlessly with anyone who’s spreading such false propaganda against them to make the NDC unpopular.

“This allegation against the NDC is false, we’ve done everything thing to dismiss the claims but it’s not working. So we are calling on you this hot afternoon to come and witness for us that if there’s anyone in the NDC who has written the said letter to stop the construction of Jaman North roads or development in this area, call that person to the next world and deal ruthlessly with him or her. But if it is just mere propaganda by our opponents to make the NDC unpopular in Jaman North then immediately invite that person to join you in the underworld for the person to answer questions. We implore you now, powerful gods of the land” the executive who led the invocation of curses prayed the gods.

The Chiefs and Elders of Jaman North having learned about the development have asked the NDC to reverse the curse as invocation of curse is not allowed in the area.

This was after the MP for the area and Deputy Minister of the Bono Region, Stephen Siaka averted the minds of the chiefs to the curse.

But the Jaman North NDC Constituency Chairman, Sah Abraham in an interview with Kasapa News Bonohene Baffuor Awuah has rejected the order by the Chiefs saying over their dead bodies will a reversal of the curse be made.

“As for the curse we can’t reverse it, it was a conditional statement. We invoked the curse because a false allegation had been leveled agaisnt us. So if nobody has come to apologize then there shouldn’t be any worry. On the other hand if somebody feels he’s done wrong and is being haunted he or she should come out boldly and confess and then we’ll know what to do. Nobody should get the chiefs to ask us to reverse the curse as that will never happen. It is only when somebody accepts he or she has done us wrong and apologizes that is when we’ll reverse the curse. Until then, the curse is in full force.”

The chiefs should not tell us that invoking of curses is not allowed on their land because that will amount to them engaging in partisan politics which will be unlawful and unfortunate. This is a political issue and the chiefs should allow us to do our politicking,” Chairman Sah Abraham added.