I posted this picture on my facebook wall yesterday and I had alot of likes and some even commented that they want some. Hmmm!!!! 

I was once a Koko and fruit salad seller not too long ago and that was how I packaged my fruit salad. My breakfast packaged was just like Koko King. My menu was Wheat, Tom Brown, Rice Water, Oblayo, Ekuagbemi, Oats and bread packaged neatly.  My customers were at the airport.

I returned from Japan to meet a “lost home”.  I lost everything, I mean everything!! I had lost my home and my position as a wife was replaced by a sexy Brong Ahafo lady who probably had a lot of “bedmatic” skills more than me. I heard she was a good cook as well. Within a twinkle of an eye I had lost everything just like Job in the Bible.

I had to survive! I was hungry, hurt, bitter, depressed and frustrated.  I remember any time I went to town people asked where my car was and I would say “is at the workshop”  At that time I had taken 4 years leave without pay to travel and had to come back home within 2 years.

Initially, I had wanted to go buy some stuff from China to come and sell.  Hmm!! I was just looking for small capital but unfortunately none of my friends who I knew very well they were in a position refused to help me.  Those who wanted to help too wanted me to pay in kind.  My brother Selasi gave me 200 Ghana cedis and there and then Edem Meals was born.  I started selling breakfast and fruits at the airport and kai!!! the humiliation and teasing I went through you have no idea. From Her Excellency to Koko seller that was what I was reduced to… but I told my colleagues that so far as they could buy my food I wasn’t bothered.

In no time Edem meals became a common name at the airport… Edem meals here and there. In less than 6 months I had 4 workers and they were running shift. I had also applied for reinstatement at my office which took almost a year.  I wasnt bothered because my business was growing, even though it was a bit stressful. I woke up at 2 am, cooked and packaged and by 6 am we were at the airport selling.

Then one day, the unexpected happened.  A colleague who I sometimes gave free breakfast sized my food when I had barely sold less than 5 cups that morning and threw them away because I was not authorised to sell at the airport which was true. OOoo Why??? what was happening?? what wrong did  I do?? I cried and felt so sorry for myself.  I never gave up, I went to see the Commercial Manager who was my former Boss and she gave me a place at the Bus Terminal. In fact that was the best place for me because after alighting from the bus in the morning staff would just walk to me and got their Edem Meals.

The following morning I was back and I guess my detectors where just laughing at me because the worse was about to happen.  From nowhere one of the managers came and embarrassed me and drove me out of the place right in front of staff who were buying breakfast… ooooo!!! Ahhh!!! Why??? Is there a God at all??? The Manager too was a Rev. Minister (Osofoo Paa in color) ooo!!!!!! and my good friend too ooo!!! OOOO God, why me!!! what have I done to deserve such punishment and humiliation in life like this… oooo!!! oooo!!!! Where is my God..I cried my heart out and went to see one of the Directors.  In fact when he saw me he was freighted, he taught someone had died. He calmed me down and I told him I was hungry and I needed to work. In no time my letter was ready and I started work as a secretary to the Ramp Manager.

But I never gave up on Edem meals.  This time not at the airport but at Aproachona Train station at Sakumono.  This time I was alone. I had lost all my workers. As usual I woke up at dawn and prepared breakfast and fruit salad but this time in a small quantity and dressed like a banana seller and walked from Community 3 to the train station. By 6.25 am I was done then rushed home and got Nana Kwame who I had left alone at home asleep with the help of the Holy Spirit for protection ready for school then I also went to work. 

At this time Edem Meals was not for business growth or profit ooo but for kpakpakpa movement.  In all this I was a student at AUCC where I had transferred my credits from Temple University Japan.. Hmm!!! how I managed to pay my fees and graduated from African University College of Communications (AUCC) is another story to tell….