Foundation Of Concerned Arts Professionals [FOCAP] has in its domain a statement telling Creative Arts Industry member, organisations and other individuals of the Arts industry to apply for a loan facility which has been recommended by the executives of the Creative Arts Council.

In that document/statement its makes references to the DRAFT CREATIVE INDUSTRIES BILL before parliament saying “applicants should have been members of the council as stated in the draft creative industries bill before they become eligible to apply”. FOCAP understands the loan facility which the executives of creative arts council are helping the domains to apply for is coming from the Ministry of Business Development.

FOCAP is shocked why government continues to deal with such illegality (interim creative arts council) whose mandate was just 3 months yet have done 3 years and mandate given them as interim has not even been fulfilled.

FOCAP believes;

1- The council must NOT use its offices to perpetuate illegality by receiving funds into bank accounts yet to be sanctioned.

2- Why do you refer to a BILL not an ACT as bases for the loan facility.

3- Why would the council be the outfit for this exercise when they don’t have a board nor an approved scope of delivery.

4- This can cause serious problems especially when some entities like National Seamstress Associations were not part of the domains mentioned in the bill.

5- The doings of the interim creative arts council seems politically motivated to reward members of the Creative Arts community who supported the government in the last general elections.

FOCAP is calling on government to have a re-look into this and rather use a legal entity and proper channel to help the industry. The Film Classification Act of Parliament – Act 935 which equally calls for funds to set up a film fund has not received government attention. The Executive Secretary appointment to see the National Film Authority functional is still in limbo. Helping the industry is a good call but proper channel and appropriate avenues must be used.

In conclusion FOCAP believes that Government should rather focus on inaugurating the film authority board and help pass the Creative Arts Bill which will take care of funding instead of facilitating questionable loans in the name of helping the Arts Industry


Submitted by Kojo Preko Dankwa