Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has schooled social media users to be careful with the kind of contents they share on social platforms.

The Face of GTP Adepa Dumas told Kisa Gbekle, host of “Business of Entertainment” show on GHOne TV social media platforms have become a reference point for organizations and individuals.

She stated that people feel pressured to look ‘perfect’ on social media so they post contents that negatively affect their brands.

According to her, companies would want to associate themselves with credible personalities or brands as their Ambassadors.

She advised that one needs to live a life that would attract ambassadorial deals.

“Listen, social media is putting a lot of pressure on people’s minds and is making go wayward. It’s making people take some drastic decisions.”

“Companies would want to associate themselves with good brands. Ask yourself, do I deserve to be a brand ambassador?”

Ankomah who is committed to her moral principles said she would never post her nude photos on social media for needless attention.

“I have my flaws but I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and post a picture of my naked self.” She asked: “What am I teaching the people following me?” She told Kisa

Watch the interview below;