NPP-USA has taken notice of lies-packed publication on dated December 13, 2019 by one nonentity called Solomon K. A. Owusu of Colorado that seeks to disparage NPP-USA Branch and its leadership in his usual and predictable rantings.

NPP-USA is an esteemed and reputable External Branch of the ruling New Patriotic Party of Ghana and we pride ourselves in what we have helped achieve collectively in winning political power for our Party and what we continue to do for God and Country.

In view of our enviable reputation, we hardly respond to frivolous publications from unscrupulous individuals who want to draw our good name into their publications to get our response just so they can attain undeserving fame or sell their story by mere attachment to our good name.

We are guided by Proverbs 26:5 which reads “Answer a fool in his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.” It is for this singular reason, that we have chosen to respond to Solomon Owusu in his unwarranted disrespect, and insults to the person and character of the Chairperson and the Acting Director of Communications of NPP-USA in particular, and the Branch as a whole.

After this our comprehensive response to him, any future rantings of ill motive, attention-seeking and orchestrated lies from Solomon Owusu will be ignored with the utmost contempt he deserves because we use our time more judiciously and also, we do not fall for a narcissist as wisely counseled in the book of Proverbs 26:4.

Anyone who has ever encountered Solomon Owusu will attest to NPP-USA’s description and characterization of him, and our view that he is a “narcissist”. We caution that all serious minded persons and organizations must watch their interactions and dealings with such a narcissist called Solomon K. A. Owusu. His first point of entry into your space is asking to take pictures with whoever he encounters for his future blackmailing and mischievous agenda, the reason he is quick to put such pictures out there to tell his story, but what he has failed to realize is that behind those pictures he shows around are many other stories from the other side of the encounter.

Let us all try to appraise ourselves with who Solomon Owusu is. He comes off as a “very nice guy” but underneath it, he has an inflated sense of self-importance, egotistic, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration of himself. This character trait of his is profoundly evident in his use of the “third person” when he writes. When you read his writings, one will think that someone is writing about Solomon Owusu but regrettably, it is Solomon Owusu frantically writing about his egocentric self; who does that?

As a narcissist, Solomon K.A Owusu loves to make friends, but, he falls out with them very quickly and easily because it is either his way or the highway. As it stands, he has uncountable troubled relationships and lacks empathy for others has little or no emotional intelligence and has no respect for himself or others. He also demonstrates a lot of psychopathic tendencies and so he does not care. A consistent liar he is, yet he is first to claim innocence and says repeatedly he does not lie when he is trying to convince his readers and listeners, very symptomatic of a narcissist.

He presents himself as a confident person but behind that mask of extreme confidence, lies a fragile and low self-esteem person that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism, and that is when you will see him at his temper tantrum best. His audios and videos of tantrums are all over on social media for all to watch and judge for themselves.

A narcissist as he is, he is talented at pretending and lying to be someone he is definitely not by exaggerating his “achievements” and he also embellishes a lot with every opportunity he gets. He is self-serving, self-centered, have a false sense of entitlement, exploits and manipulates his unsuspecting victims. He may seemingly have book sense but lacks the native intelligence known commonly as commonsense.

As a person who claims to be a candidate for Ph.D., one would have expected that he will make cogent and intelligent arguments and debates devoid of insults and name-calling which is what real experts, academicians and intellectuals do, but he seems to be a different breed of a Ph.D. candidate who wants to insult his way to an unmerited fame. We wonder what kind of value addition and responsible behavior his so-called Ph.D. pursuit so far has earned him?

So sad indeed and surely, he needs to get serious help and very fast.

Haven taken time to give a characterization of who Solomon Owusu is, now let’s talk of the substantive issues and his frivolous allegations.

NPP-USA stands by her rejoinder of December 12, 2019 that sought to disassociate herself and her California Chapters from a malicious, and intentionally misleading headliner that had linkage to Solomon Owusu, and which had been attributed to one of NPP-USA Chapters. In his usual disrespectful and insulting rebuttals, Solomon Owusu alleged, peddled lies and falsehoods, and we debunk same below.

Firstly, Solomon Owusu, has a serious comprehension problem and so he said things in his rebuttal that are mischaracterizations of what actually was contained in our rejoinder. There was nowhere in the rejoinder that we stated that Solomon was a member of the California Chapter for “only one year”. The date for his membership of the California Chapter was what was stated in the rejoinder (2014 to 2016). He should go back and reread to get a better comprehension of the subject and stop throwing his lame and infantile argument around. He can try to hoodwink some people but not us; far from it.

From NPP-USA’s checks, Solomon was introduced to the California Chapter at the time the Chapter was organizing a fundraising event in Los Angeles in 2012. However, he was not a member of the Chapter at that time and so were many other persons who attended the event and contributed in support of it. It is, therefore, not a novelty that Solomon Owusu attended the said fundraising event of the California Chapter and made a contribution towards it. The way and manner Solomon Owusu tout his horn about the said event; if $500 was all he could afford to give, then he is the cheapest noise maker NPP-USA or her affiliate Chapters have ever dealt with.

Solomon at his careless and narcissistic best, listed US States that he claimed to have single-handedly recruited members for California chapter then, we challenge him to provide the names of all his so-called recruits and their involvement with the Los Angeles Chapter or the Branch as he sought to put out the voter list of the branch?

In the rejoinder, it was unequivocally stated that Solomon Owusu rather joined the “Branch” in “active status” for “just one year” and that is the fact. There is a clear distinction between the Branch and the Chapter in terms of when one joined, and indeed one would attest that a “so-called deputy secretary would be the first to know that, instead, he defiled such an honorable office with such lack of knowledge. From the period stated above, he had joined the California Chapter, but he was not a fully registered member of the Branch until 2015. We reiterate that Solomon K. A. Owusu registered as a member of NPP-USA in May 28, 2015. A membership card with number CA150851USA was issued to him which expired rather in May 27, 2016. Upon its expiration, he never renewed and obtained any new card from the Branch. Again, being a member in good standing one would have fulfilled and met all financial obligations to the organization during the year in review and in his case, Solomon Owusu had not.

The active participation of Solomon in the activities of the Branch was mostly in 2015 and that has not been contested by anyone. He attended the International Youth Conference in August 2015 in New York City and the Women’s Wing fundraising event in Columbus, Ohio in October 2015.

We state here and now that Solomon Owusu did not drive then Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo nor did he drive the car that then Candidate Nana Addo and his wife rode in. The supposed car that he drove to the airport was not the vehicle they rode in. He has paraded this lie for a long time, and we set the record straight here now and final.

Behind the pictorial evidence of pictures that he took at those two events that he has gazillion times paraded on social media platforms are just platitudes, that should be ignored. If others were to tell their stories and encounters behind those floated pictures, one will proceed cautiously ever taking a picture with a narcissist. Between, taking pictures with persons and personalities does not make you part of their inner circles and workings, a behavior trait a narcissist engages in just to feel relevant. He needs to change his modus operandi and outmoded strategy. It exposes his narcissistic character even more. We state here that all his other listed activities, had nothing to do with the Branch or the Chapter.

We emphasis that, Solomon Owusu had not met his financial obligation to the NPP-USA Branch at the time he officially resigned from the party. Again, not being a member in good standing placed him in an inactive status and that is the plain truth that he is failing to see. We will love that in his usual parading of photos, he will show the back copy of his first membership card he obtained from NPP-USA to dispute our claim. NPP-USA membership number is generated based on the State a member joins the Branch from and the year of registration; reason why his membership number began with CA15 meaning California State, and Year of registration being 2015.

We state here that during the last Branch elections, the Elections Committee granted dispensation to all members who as of 2016 were members in good standing, to participate in the elections. It was as a result of this special consideration that he was qualified plus many others to be on the voters’ register and not because he was a good standing member in terms of fulfilling his financial obligations to the Branch in 2017 and 2018.

As they say in law “he who alleges must proof”. NPP-USA does not have the time, nor do we put any premium on Solomon Owusu to waste our limited and precious time to write to the NPP Party headquarters or to the Jubilee House to talk about or to discredit Solomon Owusu to anybody. Persons in the party and in government have had their own ugly encounters with him. He has high propensity to self-destruct himself without NPP-USA’s help and he has so far succeeded in doing so exceedingly well without our help. If he challenges our claim, we dare him to produce the so-called letters emanating from NPP-USA to party Headquarters or to the Seat of Government.

Again, it is also another lie that he told, that the current leadership of NPP-USA wrote to get Richard Ahiagbah disqualified. He can publish the so-called petition to prove that any “current NPP-USA executive” had authored it. Richard Ahiagbah’s rise in the party is definitely not Solomon Owusu’s doing or through his unsolicited help. Ahiagbah is a humble and fine gentleman, he does not need the association of the likes of Solomon Owusu whatsoever to rise to fame. Solomon Owusu needs to do us and himself a big favor by leaving Richard Ahiagbah out of it.

NPP-USA is a body of respectable, responsible, matured minded, and cultured leaders and members. Solomon Owusu does not have the slightest wisdom or intellect to define the leadership of NPP-USA. His character was definitely at odds with the pristine group and so he obviously could not belong. Also, his parochial, selfish and mischievous interests that led him to join the Branch could not materialize because we saw through his narcissistic character and the selfish interest that brought him to the Party, not because he meant well for NPP or Ghana, but by hook or crook means, he wanted to see what he could get from the Party and by extension, the government.

NPP-USA Branch is on record to have been against galamsay and the wanton destruction and degradation of the environment and the ecosystem even before NPP came into power and we have never changed our position against these dangerous activities. Again, we also understand the involvement chain of the galamsay activities which involve, some chiefs, community leaders and members, security personnel, party persons and faithful, state actors and government persons and some foreign entities in this illegal and dangerous trade. It has become a cartel which uprooting, will not happen overnight.

We as NPP-USA support any group or individual who would want to help fight this dangerous menace. However, we do not trust that Solomon K.A Owusu has the credibility, nor possesses the knowledge as subject matter expert that one can safely rely on for answers and let alone speak on the subject independently. We do not support his vile tongue, immaturity, confrontational, disrespectful and tantrum approach in an effort to proffer solutions to solving the problem.

We reiterate that Solomon Owusu cannot and certainly will not be that advocate on the fight against galamsay. The approach to solving this problem must be multifaceted with most of the galamsay prone communities owning the problem and the solution. We also believe that there are more credible mining engineers, experts and environmentalists both home and abroad that can partner government in solving this canker and certainly not with Solomon Owusu’s inclusion because he doesn’t have the ability to be a team player or have the temperament to work in a team.

NPP-USA will use this opportunity to thank the media for sharing light on this menace that have been an albatross on the country.

In due course, we will reveal more on the real Solomon Owusu’s galamsay motive and intent which was to ride on the back of galamsay to become rich that backfired on him due to his narcissistic and disrespectful self coming in full display. Realizing, his failure, he then turned himself as a crusader against galamsay, what a fraud!

Again, his ignorance was in full display during NPP-USA’s 2018 elections. He made many frivolous allegations against the Branch and its past leadership with no shred of evidence just to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the past executives of the Branch and was appropriately ignored because they did not want to dignify him with a response.

NPP-USA is a national organization and duly incorporated. We are not a for profit organization to evade tax. Solomon Owusu’s allegation of the Branch evading taxes smacks of his ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding of how the NPP-USA, and our tax filing requirement even works.

Free advice for Solomon Owusu, “when you join an organization, don’t rush, take your time, learn the inner workings of the organization before you start to be the only wise man in the room otherwise, you will parade your ignorance on a larger scale and that would certainly make you fall flat in your face”.

NPP-USA was aware that Solomon Owusu filed a lawsuit against her but NPP-USA was never served with the court document from Solomon Owusu as having sued the organization from a Jefferson County Court in Colorado. Even though NPP-USA was not incorporated in the State of Colorado, he ignorantly filed his supposed lawsuit in the state and laughably at a county court. What a joke!

A sheriff made attempts to serve the then Acting Chairperson at her house in Colorado and were unsuccessful. The sheriff left his business card at the front door of the Acting Chairperson’s house, that is how we got to know. The number was called and the sheriff was talked to at the time the Acting Chairperson was out of town in Atlanta. The sheriff was going to be coming back on the Monday after the return of the Acting Chairperson and he never did.

Solomon Owusu again lied about withdrawing the said lawsuit he filed against NPP-USA because some people called and talked him out of it. Such arrogance! We assert that he failed to serve the supposed defendant and also the intended event he claimed to want to put injunction on, had concluded, that was the only reason his court case failed and so he had no choice but to withdraw the case because it would have been a moot point to have continued to pursue it, not because of his lame excuse. Again, that Jefferson County court would not have had jurisdiction to adjudicate on his frivolous court action anyways!

Solomon Owusu again, “if you don’t know, you ask, you don’t embarrass yourself and the PhD program you claim to be pursuing in such a manner just because you think you are a man and wise enough than everybody else”.

NPP-USA did not sanction or have Solomon Owusu hosts any program on radio on our behalf. It was his own personal expedition and others did even more but are not touting their horns. The inflated sense of self-importance is again displayed in his listed embellished accomplishments.

NPP-USA’s rejoinder did not speak to the content of the article by Solomon Owusu as he has erroneously again, alleged but rather the attribution of the caption to an NPP-USA’s Chapter that we debunked. The headline sought to mislead readers to believe that an NPP-USA Chapter has warned Ghanaians against giving President Nana Addo four more years and that was disingenuous to say the least on his part and that of his writer to have implicated us when he could have called for a retraction to the headline him. He knew what he was doing!

Solomon K.A. Owusu “next time stay on the subject matter instead of meandering all over the place to confuse readers with topics that do not have anything to do with NPP-USA or her affiliate Chapters”.

Please, readers discretion is advised,
NPP-USA have comprehensively stated the facts and the truth and cautions that, in Solomon Owusu attempt to respond to our article, he will cook up stories, engage in insults, name calling, extreme tantrums, possibly make audios, videos to have a last word but readers should treat his response with contempt, he is not worth anybody’s precious time and we do not deal with narcissist.

NPP-USA Communications Directorate