Lekzy De Comic, Jacinta, Okokobiokoo

Ghanaian stand-up comedians have expressed displeasure regarding how the public treats them after every performance.

Discussing Comedy and Politics, three Ghanaian comedians, Lekzy De Comic, Jacinta and Okokobiokoo expressed concern about why most of their jokes have been regarded as distasteful.

According to them, their jokes are to cause amusement irrespective of the group, tribe it is said about.

They complained bitterly about how the Ghanaian Comedy industry is still not par with other arts industry yet critics compare them to the Nigerian Comedy industry who for the past years have invested so much to make their comedy fraternity a force to reckon.

Jacinta told host of Kasapa Entertainment, Eddie Ray that Ghanaians are mostly interested in negative issues about Ghana Comedy industry.

She also called on the public to stop the unnecessary criticism of their talents and comparisons with Nigerians and support them to develop.

Responding to some negative comments about their performance, Lekzy De Comic said it sometimes affect his subsequent delivery considering how he had been verbally abused.

Making reference to O B Amponsah‘s joke during a performance at this year’s edition of Decemba2Rememba where he mentioned that the name ‘Mahama’ is synonymous with corruption in Hausa, Okokobioko said it is just unfortunate that some Ghanaians do not understand what jokes are.

They advised Ghanaians to believe in their own and support them since the Nigerians are supported by their people.

Comedians in Ghana have come under heavy attacks on social media over the assertion that they are not funny.