Gershon Akpah, a civilian employee of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has been discharged by the Kaneshie District Court after the Attorney General’s department dropped coup plot charges against him.

This comes after the State Attorney informed the district court, of this decision on Thursday, February 20, 2020 when the Committal proceedings began.

“We wish to withdraw the charges against Gershon Akpah. We pray the court to discharge him accordingly,” the Senior State Attorney said.

The magistrate, Mrs Eleanor Kakra Banes Botchway, thus, set Akpa free after striking out the charges against him as withdrawn.

Akpa was filled with emotions as he broke down for being set free.

Meanwhile, another civilian employee of the GAF, Johannes Zikpi, has been charged in connection with the alleged coup plot.

State lawyers have officially filed the bill of indictment which contains the charges against the 10 accused persons.

Committal proceedings are, therefore, expected to commence at the Kaneshie District Court on March 3, 2020. – With additional files from Graphic