Hon. Abena Osei-Asare, Member of Parliament for Atiwa East constituency has submitted her nomination forms to the Elections Committee.

The lawmaker is seeking re-election to enable her to serve a prospect that she holds and a task deem solemn.

According to her, the spontaneous response that she received from across the constituency warms her heart and that gives her more energy to continue to put her shoulders to the wheel to drive a collective development.

In an address to party members who were present at the time she filed her nomination stated that the gains have been astounding and there is even more than they can do if they continue on this trajectory of collaborative development.

Hon. Mrs. Abena Osei-Asare, is a Banker and Chartered Accountant and the Deputy Minister of Finance. She has served as a Member of Parliament (MP) since January 7, 2013, representing the people of Atiwa East in the Eastern Region.

In the House of Parliament, she currently serves as a Board Member of the Parliamentary Service Board and also on the following Committees of Parliament;

  • Finance Committee: from January 2017
  • Employment, Social Welfare and State Enterprises: from January 2013 till date
  • Public Accounts Committee: from January 2013 till January 2017

Prior to entering Parliament, Hon Abena Osei–Asare worked as the Assistant Director for the New York University in Ghana between the period of (2004 and 2007) and also as Customer Team Leader (2007-2009) and as a Sales Dealer in the Treasury Department (2009–12) both at Barclays Bank Ghana Limited.

She is married with three children and runs an NGO, The Waterbrooke Foundation which supports brilliant but needy students with the education.

Read her FULL statement.


Over the past seven (7) years, I have had the honor of serving Atiwa East as their representative in the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

This opportunity has enabled me to serve Atiwa East and Ghana in various capacities to drive the development we all are passionate about.

Earlier today, I submitted my forms to contest the primaries to continue to serve – a prospect that I hold dear and a task I deem solemn.

I wish to thank the almighty God, the Chiefs and people of Atiwa East, the Executives and entire membership of the New Patriotic Party, the various political groups, my colleague MPs, and all those who have constantly worked with me and encouraged me in the discharge of my duties.

That spontaneous response that I have received from across the constituency warms my heart and gives me more energy to continue to put my shoulders to the wheel to drive our collective development.

From representing Atiwa East in parliament (making sure our collective voice is heard and our ideas are included in national deliberations) to serving as a Deputy Minister of Finance (playing a role in the bigger national development agenda led by His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo), the gains have been astounding and there is even more than we can do if we continue on this trajectory of collaborative development.

  • We have invested in educational infrastructure, provided full scholarships to over one hundred students and upgraded infrastructure and services in education to deliver better and well-prepared future for our children;
  • Every public basic school in the District now benefits from the School Feeding Programme, up from 3 schools in 2017;
  • Our farmers, business community and the general workforce continue to get the support, training, and catalyst they need to make gains – to create sustainable jobs, increased incomes, and better livelihoods;
  • Hundreds of youth have been able to secure stable and permanent employment in both formal and informal sectors;
  • Improved health facilities including a specialized 20-unit maternity unit, Doctors’ flats, specialized medical equipment, provision of water and sanitation, etc. to improve the general well-being of the community

Let us continue to build on the work we have started.

Let us keep the vehicle of development in motion.

I promised to be a good role model for the youth, fight for development by catalyzing infrastructural development and the creation of employment opportunities.

The promises have been kept but I urge us to take our achievements a notch higher.

So, let me promise to do even better and surpass your expectations.

A promise made is a debt unpaid and I pledge to pay that debt – of service – to Atiwa East and mother Ghana until we create that utopia that generations yet unborn will find safe, accommodating, healthy and sustainable.

I thank you for your trust.

I thank you for this unique opportunity to serve again.

Together for Atiwa East!

Together for Development!

God bless you.

Abena Osei-Asare