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Armed Police personnel led by the Akropong District Police Commander, Stephen Tetteh, have stormed the campuses of Okuapeman and Mount Sinai Senior High Schools following renewed clashes between the two rivalry schools.

Students from the two neighboring schools attacked each other hurling stones and sticks creating pandemonium as the female students run helter-skelter for safety.

The renewed violence was triggered after a student from Okuapeman was caught defecating in the open on the boundaries for which students of Mt. Sinai attacked him. The attack angered his colleagues who also mobilized to launch a reprisal attack which was retaliated creating a chaotic situation.

Some students are reported to have suffered minor injuries during the violence.

According to Akropong District Police Commander, Stephen Tetteh, it took the swift intervention of Police to restore calm after maintaining police presence in the School till Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive for Akuapem North, Dennis Aboagye, in his capacity as Chairman of the Municipal Security Council has visited the two schools to address them to remain calm.

There is a long-standing feud between the two schools which degenerates into attacks on trivial issues.

In November 2019, the two schools clashed during Inter -schools sports competition which led to the destruction of properties.

The swift intervention of Police amidst firing of warning shots to disperse the rampaging students armed with stones, sticks and other implements saved the situation. A Polytank in Mount Senai SHS and other properties were, however, damaged.

The adamant students launched reprisal attacks in the evening forcing the Police to redeploy armed personnel to the schools to maintain law and order.

At least three of the students suffered minor injuries during the disturbance. One of the injured students from Mount Senai SHS was pounced on and beaten after he went to defecate in the bush close to the boundary of Okuapeman SHS.

Source: Ansah