Royal Women In Cinema Ghana

Valentine day is predominantly used to show love to our loved ones and others.

ROYAL WOMEN IN CINEMA GHANA seized the opportunity to once again donate items, foodstuff, and an undisclosed amount of money to the Village of Hope Orphanage to mark this year’s chocolate day.

Speaking at the grounds, the C.E.O of Royal Women is Cinema Ghana, Mrs. Dzifa Agbetpey Ntiri said that as much as the day has been occasioned with love, Royal Women In Cinema Ghana and it’s members thought it wise to give back to society especially those who are less privileged and to show them love.

She added that this is not the first time the institution will be seeing them. As women in the creative arts, they will also assist the children in developing their creative skills.

Speaking on behalf of the institution, the Housemaster, Mr. Steven Aklija thanked the women for the love they have shown the vulnerable children in the institution.

He added that the Orphanage has been in existence for the past 25 years and currently have two campuses.

He continued indicating to the women that, apart from the orphans they also have street children in the institution and currently educating the children in skilled training like vocational skills, weaving, sowing and many more to enhance them in so many endeavours so they better their life’s with it.

ROYAL WOMEN IN CINEMA GHANA for the past three years has been championing the course of women in the arts industry.

They have educated the public on child and women abuse through documentaries and shot films.

They continue to pledge their support in helping the less privileged and promote the course of women and children in the country.