President Akufo Addo (Left) dressed in winter apparel in Norway

The Ghana Health Alert (GHA) has called for the screening and quarantine of President Akufo Addo and his entire delegation upon their arrival into the country after his 12 days European tour.

According to the Civil Advocacy Group of Medical and Public Health practitioners, it noted that President Akufo Addo showed signs of having contracted flu during the presentation of State of Nation Address.

It said it was therefore very unsafe for the President’s handlers and medical team to have ignored the extreme danger his current iternary poses to his health and allowed the President to travel to the very cold Nordic regions of Europe for as long as 12 days.

The group noted that this call has become extremely necessary and important due to the ever-spreading Coronavirus and the WHO’s “biggest worry” in making sure that the disease does not affect countries with weaker and unprepared healthcare systems, most especially the African continent which already has reported of some cases.

It further observed that in a statement made by WHO Regional Director for Africa on Feb 22, 2020, he noted strongly that there are “critical gaps in readiness for countries across the continent “. This means that citizens must be vigilant in protecting and ensuring that members are safe from this disaster.

A statement signed by the GHA Executive Secretary Dr. Vida Yakron said “it is, therefore, a matter of concern that in an era when most Presidents across the World have placed travel ban on foreign Trips to several Countries, our President could not emulate same by postponing his trip due to the Coronavirus scare and its possible pandemic threat.”

It added: “Since the virus is said to have a minimum incubation period of not less than 14 days, we the members of the Ghana Health Alert have no alternative than to call on the Ghana health authorities and the Nugochi Medical Research Center to be on alert for the screening and quarantine of the President and his delegation as they could be persons of interest in case of any targeted biological warfare against Africa through Ghana. Under the circumstances we have no alternative than to call for the quarantine upon arrival into Ghana.”

The GHA believes that the disease is no respecter of persons, the total exposure of the President on this European Tour makes him and his delegation a threat to public health and they must be screened and if possible quarantined in accordance with WHO protocols.