Daniel McKorley

Founder and chief executive officer of McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley has talked about his marriage life.

In an interview with Paul Adom Otchere on the Good Evening Ghana show, the business magnate who is married to two beautiful women claimed women are not be understood but rather need to be cared for.

According to him, women are the sweetest thing that ever happened to men.

McDan admitted that polygamy is expensive and advised young men not to venture if they are not financially sound.

“Women are not to be understood but women are to be cared for. They are the sweetest thing that ever happened to us. Why do you want to understand a woman?” He asked

McDan also talked about not having any confrontation with any of his wives because they are well composed, educated and matured.

“If I’m with my first wife and the other calls, I sometimes pick in front of her or move away from her if I want my privacy. If you pick a call in front of your woman and you talk in a way, she will see it disrespectful but moving away is showing her respect. 

“Both wives are well composed, well educated and matured. They are not envious of each other. There is no competition in my marriage. My second wife loves Porsche cars and my first wife loves Range Rovers. Sometimes you’ve to vary their tastes. At times I don’t control the choice.” McDan disclosed

Daniel McKorley is married to Abigail and Roberta.