Maame Grace, a preacher of the Gospel of Christ, has highlighted a group of males that women must stay away from to avoid perishing in toxic relationships and marriages.

In a YouTube broadcast that was shown on Adom TV, the preacher warned that these type of men are male opportunists who cleverly identify hardworking women, target them for extortion.

“They do these things after marrying you, using it as entrapment” — Maame Grace

Be careful of your marriage certificate, the reason why some men will marry you is that, they studied your life, work and realised you are hardworking. They will calculate your four-bedroom and your car and target you for scam through marriage. After that, then your husband becomes a ceremonial husband. He won’t go to work nor pay any bills leaving you the wife to take care of all his needs” — the leader of Great Evangelical Revival Outreach Ministries opined.

According to Maame Grace, these ceremonial husbands will initially spend a fixed income on you, just to buy your trust and fidelity.

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