Commercial transport operators have reduced the number of passengers carried on commercial vehicles as a measure of ensuring social distancing in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus in Ghana.

The transport operators including the Ghana Private Road Transport(GPRTU), Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council(GRTCC), VIP, VVIP, GH-Express Transport, OA Transport, Uber, Bolt among others, took the decision in view of President Akufo Addo’s precautionary directive on the Coronavirus(COVID-19).

Consequently, – All passenger-carrying vehicles including taxis seating 1-3 passengers on a row shall seat not more than 2 passengers on a row.

All passengers-carrying vehicles seating 1- 4 passengers on a row shall seat not more than 3 passengers on a row.

All passenger-carrying vehicles seating 1- 5 passengers on a row shall seat not more than 3 passengers.

A statement jointly signed by National Chairman of GPRTU, Kwame Kuma and National Chairman for GRTCC John Benyawor and issued on Sunday March 29, 2020 requested members to comply with this new measure and ensure that in addition, all transport terminals have adequate running water and sanitizers to enable passengers to wash and sanitize their hands before boarding.