The management of the Ghana Police Hospital has served notice it will carry out a mass burial for one hundred and twenty unidentified bodies in their mortuary.

This is part of a routine exercise to decongest the hospital mortuary, a statement from the Hospital said.

“The Ghana Police Hospital will embark on a mass burial for one hundred and twenty (120) unidentified and unclaimed bodies as part of routine measures to decongestant the hospital mortuary,” the statement said.

These bodies earmarked for this exercise cover those from November 2019 to present and are made up of mostly paupers, unknown former patients of the hospital, abandoned bodies, unidentified accident and crime victims.

The hospital is appealing to the general public, particularly families whose relatives have gone missing over the period to contact the Pathology Department for identification of these bodies as part of their search.

The hospital advised the general public to carry their National ID cards on them whenever they embark on any trip to aid the Police in identifying them should they, unfortunately, get involved in an accident.