Ghana’s fastest rising gospel Musician, Jemima Annor Yeboah whose stage name is JAYANA has come up with techniques of handling microphone for artistes amidst Covid-19.

In a video, she was seen demonstrating how musicians can be comfortable when singing into a microphone.

According to her, many singers struggle to control their mic technique so it is best to start practising this as soon as possible.

The first step towards good microphone technique is to establish is where one is going to put his or her mouth. The distance between the face and the microphone can have a drastic effect on the sound.

Some singers like to eat the mic and put it right up into their face. Others like to control their technique and pull away from it.

mic technique microphone

Understanding microphones and vocal dynamics help one find out how far they should put the microphone away from their mouth.

She elaborated on the fact that foams covering microphones should be changed regularly and disinfected.

Jayana explained that microphones should not be held too close to the mouth as one could be infected if possible it had droplets of this deadly virus.

Having strong microphone technique can really help a singer enhance their performance.

It is advised that after touching surfaces of tables, chairs or any other thing, Sanitizers should be used on the hands to avoid being infected.

Avoid touching the face, eyes and mouth if hands are not clean. Always remember to cover your mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Keep the hands and the body clean till this disease is totally gotten rid of. Stay safe!