Peter Sedufia

I’ve said several times on many platforms that the major thing we lack in the Ghanaian film space is not good films, but, DISTRIBUTORS.

I don’t think Ghana has any person or agency that can call itself a distributor. I’ve been waiting to be proved wrong and still waiting.

Another thing we lack is vibrant and financially rewarding local online streaming platforms for our contents. In times like this COVID 19 pandemic, when lots of people are indoors, we’re all watching Netflix that doesn’t have most of our local contents. But, go to Nigeria; they’re probably watching Iroko, CongaTV and few other local online platforms who pay for contents, plus Netflix.

Go to South Africa, they’re also probably streaming Showmax and few other local platforms who pay for contents, plus Netflix. And note, that’s where Netflix opened its first office in Africa – Do the maths.

Please, spare me the reminder that Ghana also has few online streaming platforms. Of what essence is an online streaming platform that cannot buy and pay creators for contents?

The best they offer is revenue share, which is mostly not realised. If we were interested in unforeseen revenue split, we would upload the contents on YouTube and keep all the little revenue generated.

Almost all online streaming platforms are insecure. You upload your contents, then, it’s pirated and uploaded onto free to view platforms. That’s why online platforms should pay content creators for their works well, just in case the content is pirated from their sites, the owners can console themselves with the little outright payments.

Please, don’t ask me to start a distribution business since I’m talking about it. I’m already creating contents, and that’s much work. Now, those who keep trumpeting and bashing filmmakers because their contents don’t travel outside the country should take up that task. Start a distribution business and see the number of good Ghanaian films you’d get to distribute on frequent basis. Distributors are the legs of every content, no matter how good.

Get to work now. Yes, you reading this and want to see our local films travel far!