Ghanaian model, Araba Sey has been featured on the latest edition of South African publication, Moziak Magazine.

The Quarantine edition of the magazine features interviews with African creatives including Sey, and Victor AD on how they are dealing with being in lockdown as part of measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus and other issues.

Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo has made recommendations extending the existing lockdowns in various cities by an additional two weeks.

Moziak Magazine decided to catch up with Ghanaian fashion model, Araba Sey, to see how she’s been handling the lockdown in Ghana.

Moziak Magazine: How are you social distancing during this period?

Araba Sey: I am not moving around but staying home and taking the necessary precautions to ensure social distancing and keeping safe.

MM: Where do you wish you were right now?

AS: I wish I was on an adventure or on a tour seeing nice places and tourist attraction sites anywhere in the world.

MM: Name 3 positive things about the world almost coming to a standstill

AS: Three positive things about the would almost coming to an end is that;

a) It is uniting people and families

b) It is drawing people closer to God

c) People are starting to care more for each other and valuing life more

MM: Name 5 things you plan to achieve whilst in “quarantine”

AS: Five things I plan to achieve whilst in quarantine are;

a) Build a deeper relationship with God

b) Discover more about myself and purpose

c) Enhance my creativity by learning new things and learning new skills

d) Plan out business ideas and strategies

e) Network more with people

MM: What surprising item made your shopping list?

AS: One surprising item that made my shopping list was a PlayStation.

MM: Did you stock up on additional toilet paper?

AS: I did stock up on additional toilet paper because you never know what will happen next. If there may be an emergency or things get worse and we cannot go out over a long period.

MM: Have any important plans or activities of yours been cancelled/postponed because of the coronavirus?

AS: Yes, important plans of mine have been postponed because of the coronavirus but I’m hoping for the best that all this would come to an end soon.

MM: In a year’s time when you look back, what do you think you will be saying about this period?

AS: In a year’s time when I look back, I know I’ll be saying that this period changed the world a lot both negatively and positively.

MM: What advice do you have for people who are struggling with the idea of social distancing?

AS: My advice for people who are struggling with the idea of social distancing is that they should think of the dangers it could bring to them if they don’t practice it. They should focus on the good social distancing can do for them. If being alone is boring they can find things to do that will entertain them; watch movies, play games, read, have video calls with friends. There are a lot of things that can keep one entertained.

MM: What are you looking forward to the most when the coronavirus pandemic is over?

AS: What I’m looking forward to the most when the coronavirus pandemic is over is we all becoming better people, being united, being disciplined, valuing each other and making the best out of our time while we are alive because any day can be the last day of our lives.

Known as for her work as a leading environmental activist, she was officially appointed in September 2019 as the Sanitation and Hygiene campaigner for Ghana Beach Soccer.

Her work has covered both coastal regions and mainland Ghana where she engages children, the youth and adults in practical ways of keeping themselves and their environments clean, hygienic and sanitized.